The National Institute for Environmental eScience (NIEeS)

NIEeS reached the end of its contract in August 2008. This website remains as a historical document and as a gateway to the archive of presentations and supplementary material.

During its life NIEeS offered diverse opportunities for environmental scientists to discover the benefits of eScience by organizing events, offering services, and taking an active part in discussions, development of tools, and other activities to advance eScience.

Scale from molecular to global

From global to molecular: The environmental sciences span the range of scales from global down to the molecular level, which is one of the unique challenges of the subject. The activities of NIEeS similarly cover problems over all these length scales.


  • Workshops, in which people can explore, learn, and discuss the use of eScience in science, form collaborations, and create communities of eScientists.
  • Training courses, where attendees gain practical experience of using eScience, as well as generic IT tools in a scientific context.
  • Our previous events pages show all the events we held, and our archive contains many of the presentations given at those events.


  • Our test services combine hardware and software installed and configured to run eScience tools in the NIEeS environment and present a unique opportunity for environmental scientists to use and appraise these tools in the easiest way possible.
  • GridInfo is a Wikipedia-like wiki-site. It is a repository of information about eScience tools and techniques, where scientists can both find information and deposit it for other users.
  • When possible, NIEeS staff will offer personal help and support to get scientists started in eScience.


  • Projects: range of projects that NIEeS are involved in.
  • Software tools: range of eScience tools that NIEeS are involved with.
  • Working groups: after successful pilot projects, NIEeS is now providing funds for more working groups to explore eScience uptake.

NIEeS news:

  • NIEeS reached the end of its contract in August 2008. There will be no more events or activities. The services such as the wikis will remain while they can be maintained. SciSpace, however, is being actively developed and there are no plans to discontinue it.